Letter from the Owner

Thank you for taking the time to look at this webpage.  My name is Jay Nadeau, owner of Jay's Adept Builders, and I would like to propose a totally unique and original system for building your dream home.

Henry Ford was heralded in the early 1900’s for inventing the assembly line and minimizing individuals’ responsibilities, but it is my belief that this idea has been overused and has contributed to many peoples’ frustrations over the last century.

This is where I believe I’ve created a priceless value in my field.  In the custom homes I have designed, prepared, built, and finished:

* I’ve created an indispensable relationship with my customer and have been able to deliver a level of service and quality incomparable because I dedicate 4-8 months at a time of 60 hour work weeks to one client –vs- builders who build 20, 12, even 4 houses per year and share their time and resources.  My clients make one phone call to 860-302-4182 for every question, concern, change, and phase of the building process or they show up on the job site at the end of their work day knowing I’ll still be there.
* I have delivered a superior quality home and have been directly responsible for every nail, board, and fastener applied.  I am directly responsible for all Home Design, Site Design, Site Layout, Framing, Roofing, Siding, Window and Door Installation, Interior Trim and Doors, Cabinets, Ceramic Tile, Hardwood Flooring, Garage Doors, and 30-40 other tasks that come up where responsibilities fall between the scopes of other subs.  I am on site every day to handle surprises immediately before they snowball into other areas of the building process.
* I’ve streamlined my processes to 7 months from start to finish for a 4500 sq. ft. home.
* I’ve used 1/3 of the average number of subcontractors an average builder uses.  (That’s 66% less late shows and 66% less unknown variables and people to transfer blame). 
* The subs I've used are long time business partners and think and work like me, so they’re extremely effective at their jobs and have actually become my friends. (That covers the other 33% chance of unknown variables, -vs- sending their jobs out to bid and choosing the lowest price subs to do their electrical, plumbing, heating, etc..) 
* I’ve been able to achieve all these attributes and deliver a superior product at the cost of lower-end builders and even some modular homes (after paying all other subs to finish what the modular companies “Drop off”).  At the same time I’ve installed all name-brand top-quality fixtures, materials, and products.  I’ve built every home as if my family and I were going to live there.
* Where some builders thrive on the “unknown variables” and hope to overcharge in the extras after introducing an attractive yet vague estimate or use grossly undervalued "ALLOWANCES" such as $2,500.00 for kitchen cabinets, I have developed an organized system and carefully outlined estimate sheet that covers every area and leaves no “unknowns” and covers all of your choices up front.  You will be charged one price and it will not grow as the building process progresses.  Many items that are optional for other builders and not required by local building codes are standard in my proposals such as phone and calbe in all rooms, gutters, decorative siding packages, top of the line energy efficient mechanicals, Andersen 200 series windows, garage door openers, and even items such as interior trim, overhead lighting in bedrooms, gutters, maple kitchen cabinets, etc.

These are only a few of the reasons for why I can deliver you a superior home and an unusually pleasant experience throughout.  I hope you will take the time to meet with me where we can go over your expectations and visions for your ideal home and where you can see first hand the quality, craftsmanship, and dedication I offer.

Thank you again for your consideration.  I look forward to our meeting.
Jay Nadeau/860-302-4182

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