Floor Installs Like Hardwood Floor Installation, Linoleum and Ceramic Tile


Flooring Installs:  Hardwood Flooring, Ceramic Tile, Linoleum, and other Finished Surfaces

A less costly and durable home improvement is installing a new floor surface.  Jay's Adept Builders can provide you with cost effective solutions for tearing out the existing floor you have and reinstalling a new more durable or more updated surface.

Tearing out an existing floor is a messy and invasive job for an existing home and that's an important reason on why you should choose your installer carefully.  Cutting out linoleum floors or removing carpeting and damaged sub-floors underneath creates a lot of dust.  Adept Builders takes many precautions in trying to contain most of that dust to the working area only.  We go the extra mile by taking pictures of your room before the process begins and offer to move your furniture out of the way and back into place after the work is complete.

We offer complete solutions on larger jobs, as well, such as onsite storage for larger rooms and complete room cleaning after the work is complete.

Most important, I will not leave your job until its complete.  Most of the hardest flooring installs can be completed in 3 days.  That's removing the items, tearing up the existing floor, installing the new, cleaning the area and bringing the existing furniture back in.

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I offer intricate design work in hardwood flooring and ceramic tile that few installers can claim, and all ceramic tile projects are thoughtfully installed from the center of a room outward insuring a square symmetrical look even if the overall room may be out of square a bit.  Borders or designs provided from you by pictures you may have seen in home improvement magazines are easy to duplicate and not much more costly than a standard install of the hardwood or ceramic tile.

Finally, I cut no corners when installing your floor, whether hardwood or ceramic, I undercut all existing door openings so that the new floor surface runs directly under any wood trim with no gaps, and I perform all proper measures such as vapor barriers and genuine plywood sub-floors screwed every 4 inches to insure no squeaks or cracks in tile or grout.

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