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Of all the services we provide, building large additions or renovations is our specialty.  In this area we are able to put all our expertise and resources in building homes to customize an addition that better tailors your existing home to your needs.  Jay's Adept Builders is a "one-stop shop!"  You do not need to pay an architect to receive a complete proposal and "Free" design tailored to your expansion needs.  You will be surprised at how economical our proposals are compared with other builders, and that's for a couple reasons.


One reason is because an addition usually requires many different aspects of building which generally means many subcontractors.  Only large builders with extensive resources can properly supply all subs necessary and do the job effectively and efficiently; and usually only larger builders are trusted to bid when a homeowner considers a sizeable addition.  When bidding against these larger builders, I have an advantage as I perform most of the carpentry work directly.  While most builders are employing their 30+ subs to build an addition, I usually use about 7.  The 7 I use are long time business partners.  Some are even friends I've grown up with. If half of the subs of your average builder are a day late, that's 15+ days longer your project will take to finish than my team, and since I do not apply a contractor markup to any of the work I perform directly, I can easily be less costly while providing superior materials and craftsmanship.

Another reason is that most builders do not have a drafting or architectural background or do not want to be responsible for the design of your addition or home. This creates a disconnect from desires of homeowner when working with the architect and the cost expectations when working with the builder.   This also creates a grey area on whose at fault when things don't go as planned while building your project.  This can be convenient for both your architect and builder who can play the blame game and keep the circle moving indefinitely until you open your wallet for those costly changes or oversights.  Since I will be responsible for your design there will always be one person accountable and responsible directly to you throughout the building process.  That advantage isn't only a cost savings, but sanity saving as well.  All estimates I give are closed end.  The cost will not change as the building process progresses and you will be able to rely on any estimate I give to you and budget accordingly.

More importantly than price, however, is the quality of construction and the functionality of the project itself.  One of the most complex transactions is that of a custom home or addition.  The more people involved, the more opportunity for miscommunication and errors.  I cannot stress this advantage enough.  Nothing compares with having one person completely dedicated to your project alone from start to finish.  I am so involved with my clients and their needs that their blue print I've designed becomes ingrained in my memory. And since I've designed the big picture, it easy to shift gears and focus on another part of the project if that special order tub gets delayed so as to not lose any time to be able to meet the deadline I've set for the project.  Your addition will be built in the time I've allowed for it and Time and Cost are fully disclosed up front.

One final advantage worth mentioning without taking up too much of your time is my ability to create designs that minimize the impact of construction on your home.  Building an addition can be a very invasive project.  In my tenure, I've designed 2nd story additions where the occupants where able to live and go about their daily lives with little interference from me other than the noise of my nail gun steadily making progress on the space above.  All building materials were boomed in through the new 2nd story windows and only the last couple days involved me installing the new staircase and uncovering the existing ceiling to access the new space.  Every addition I've built focuses around the fact that most people don't have money to rent another home while construction is taking place.  I've designed master suites & great rooms that were completely built and finished to the painting and flooring, where the last step was to cut the sheetrock between the old and new in the premade doorway so that minimal dust and sub-contractors entered the existing home during construction.  An action plan is always provided in my full proposal after I've created a design and estimate for you and you can be shown projects completed similar to your own if you desire where you can receive testimonials from the clients I've worked for in the past.

After an initial visit and meeting to discuss your needs and desires, I can design a floor plan that works with the current layout of your home, not only the flow, but for location of all mechanicals (electric, water supply, heat, sanitary, and hot water).

Topography of your property and the physical location of your addition are important areas to address, and I am able to assess your unique situation and give professional direction and a complete solution with the best options available.

I have many years experience in zoning and wetlands regulations and can offer assistance, designs, & solutions tailored to meet tougher requirements some properties are obligated to meet.

For more details and advantages to using Adept Builders for your addition, please look at this home page and letter from the owner.  In many ways building an addition is just as complex as building a new home.  In some ways it can be more complex as some variables are already present and cannot be altered.

All contractors are not created equal and when shopping, I advise you NOT to choose your contractor as one chooses a new Toyota Camry, visiting 3 dealerships and getting the best price.  We are not all Toyota's.  I encourage you to dig deep and investigate your potential contractor, and I invite you to look at my customer service track record.  I believe every client I've worked for will tell you I'm honest, fair, have a tremendous work ethic, and a great ability at what I do.  I will build your addition with more care and attention than I've built my own home.  Its that important to me that I get referrals and keep a good name.

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