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The look, feel, and durability you'd expect in a "luxurious" bath; without all of the traditional cost and time in creating it and maintaining it to stay that way for years to come.


Jay's Adept Builders is now authorized to provide and install the complete line of Luxury Bath products from Torrington, CT to Holyoke, MA in addition to their traditional bath remodeling techniques and other services. Luxury Bath Systems offer a number of custom bath solutions from Custom Fitted Tub Liners, to Walk-in bathtubs and jetted tubs, to tub to shower conversions along with handicap accessible shower options.

Please forget everything you know and have heard about bathtub liners and "cheap plastic wall systems."  Luxury Bath has created a patented custom fitted Acrylic tub process that you can literally take a hammer to once installed and not crack or loosen the bond to it. (You will dent it with a big enough hammer so let us show you the test on our products J)



Torrington Bath Remodeler

This tub does NOT feel like an inexpensive spongy fiberglass or acrylic tub as it is custom fitted to go over your existing steel or cast iron tub and is completely bonded to the tub floor; but it will clean and keep its appearance easier and longer.

Luxury Bath systems offer the largest variety of colors and tile patterns along with wainscoting (all made to cover over existing tiled walls) and patented bonding adhesives to give a solid durable feeling to the material when its installed.  The only clue that will give away the fact that this is not a true tile product should be the ease in cleaning it and maintaining it for years to come. There are no giant caulk seams or mold filled grout lines to scrub clean and there are a number of decorative tiled patterned moldings to personalize your bath.

Probably the most important benefit to these systems which attributes to the low maintenance is the patented microban technology which is infused in all of Luxury's acrylic products and even in the premium color matched silicone sealants.  Luxury Bath is the only acrylic bath system maker to use Microban in their finish products.  Microban is a technology that basically repels and stops bacteria from reproducing.  Instead of doubling every 20 minutes as many forms of bacteria do; all forms of mold, e-coli, mildew, etc. actually die off and start to disappear in a twenty-four hour period. That's a great idea since we all know the bathroom is not the cleanest room in a home.  For more information on Microban, please visit

And Finally, if none of these advantages have you wanting to call or contact Jay's Adept Builders for a free design and estimate, how about leaving your home for work after taking a shower in your existing bath for the last time, and then coming home to a completely remodeled space and being able to take a shower in your "dream" bathroom the next morning.  Most custom systems can be installed in a day, and almost ALL in two days or less.  You will have access to your shower the next morning.

Jay's Adept Builders offers a free "no haggle process" that gives you a free no obligation Bath design and complete itemized estimate that will take about an hour.  You will receive a complete closed end estimate and design that you can purchase that evening if you like, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost -vs- traditional bath remodeling.

Please call on us for alternatives in bath remodeling, as well.  Luxury bath was one of the pioneers in "Walk In" bath and jetted tubs; and we can provide a number of customizeable tub to shower conversions including unique handicap accessible solutions.

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Jay's Adept Builders located in Torrington CT has been serving Northwest CT from Litchfield to West Hartford since 1999.  I offer a complete reference list for every project I've ever completed in every estimate I prepare.  This 4-page list has over 100 customers that will attest to my dedication, character, and work ethic.  As a prospective client, your complete satisfaction is my objective from our first meeting to the completion of your project whether it is a bath remodel or a custom home.  For more information see the rest of our pages at

For more traditional bath remodeling services such as tile, cast iron tubs, and more comprehensive projects like bathroom additions or complete re-designs, visit our bath-remodeling page.

Luxury Bath is a franchise based in Chicago since 1989 and has over 200 locations throughout the United States.  They are the largest Custom fitted acrylic tub company in the United States.  For more information on their products and bath solutions or a complete pricing catalog, please fill out the quick contact page on the right.  No meeting necessary.


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