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Technical Differences in Processes

* One Person directly responsible for every nail, screw, and staple fastened into your home (A company employee or sub cannot compete with the competency of a self-employed person who will survive solely on your satisfaction and referral, not an hourly wage no matter what type of work performed)
* Commitment to honesty and customer satisfaction even after moving on to the next job.  All former customers can be contacted, and you the prospect can inspect any 3 previous projects.
* Latest in technology for tools and equipment.  Most tools are less than 3 years old.  Created wall-lifting machine to lift gables and fully dressed walls up to 60 feet long, saving manpower.
* 44’ reach All Terrain Telehandler Fork Lift and 4’x17’ crafted platform for siding and roofing.  Load Capacity of 6000 lbs


* Every wall, floor, roof is squared to within a 1/32 of an inch, strung for precision, and over-braced to stay that way during construction.  Furniture Makers use tolerances of 1/32 of an inch over a 24x36 inch panel.  I will be within 1/32 of an inch on a 28x56 foot floor.
* Roof framing systems are figured using Trigonometry and a completely unique and company-developed system saving ½ the time constructing roofs and guaranteeing a puzzle-like fit.  Even odd-pitch hips (8 one side, 10 other)/ layovers/ true valleys and valley sets: are figured, cut, and laid out (all rafters, hips, ridges) on the ground and brought up at once to be assembled.
* All floors are glued, added blocking for point loads, & even tyvek is neatly applied.
* Only top quality materials used, (no osb, or un-dried wood)


* Custom and unique rail systems
* Solid blocking applied on all edges for better support of rails
* Floor and rails squared to a 1/32nd


* Ice & Water shield applied double layers in valleys and where step flashing is installed.  Applied completely over whole porches and hips.
* Lines snapped every course for sharp crisp appearance
* Starter sets cut on ground in jig to ensure 6” overlap and a crisp clean edge


* Totally unique and company-developed trim packages offered for windows that contain a built in “J-channel" and is water tight without caulk.  A trained eye can be tricked into thinking the siding is Cedar.
* Leading edge Paslode Crown Stapler used to apply siding for stronger wind resistance and infallible depth set of staples to ensure a snug but breathable application of siding


* Lines snapped every course and every stud! (no buckling of siding/nail holes straight and parallel/perfectly straight courses)
* Siding nailer used with special nose: no hammer marks in siding
* All joints tyveked


* Openings on ALL windows & doors are caulked first before unit is installed for added weather and air proofing.
* Every window is shimmed properly, and set level and plumb
* Replacement windows get insulated and shimmed and dressed with a wood shoe molding for a sharper appearance


* Airless sprayer is used for all walls, ceilings and trim.  All doors and trim are taped (not cut with a brush) and look as though they were sprayed at a factory.  Only top quality paint that is washable and scrub-able is used.


* All moldings thoughtfully applied and calked, all joints are tight and no seams are seen, all doors are hung level and plumb and properly shimmed with set screws (not finish nails).


* All tiles are applied from center of room outward and are squared up to walls over 3/8 plywood underlayment screwed down every 4-6 inches! Spacers are used every tile to insure straight lines and all door jambs are thoughtfully cut so that tile runs under jambs, not up to them.
* All flooring is laid snapping lines when starting and correctly overlapping all joints.  Custom designs in flooring and directional changes for added character are available.


* Factory made cabinetry is installed level, plumb, and square and all faces are clamped and seamed together for flush appearance.  All screws are placed thoughtfully behind hinges and out of sight.
* Maker of fine Custom cabinetry and can personally create and tailor designs for customers to specific needs.


* Only “Name Brand” premium quality materials, fixtures, and finishing products are used throughout any additions, spec homes, custom built homes, and renovations built by Jay's Adept Builders.  A full list and disclosure will be provided in any proposals.


* All subs used are longtime business partners and can even be called friends.  Anyone I bring to work on your project is well known by myself and has a great reputation.
* All subs are easy to work with, very professional and true to their word.  Only TOP QUALITY MATERIALS, FIXTURES, MECHANICALS, AND PRODUCTS ARE USED.  You will recognize and be very comfortable with every Brand Name

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